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Unity Candle Ceremony

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The wedding unity candle ceremony has become a popular choice for many couples because it carries a very meaningful expression in a wedding ceremony - symbolising the union of two hearts. With our various designs and colours, the perfect unity candle ceremony is waiting for you. Whether you decide to light the candle while a song is being played or sung or you get the minister to provide a verbal explanation of the candle lighting, Weddingstar has the right ceremony set to add something extra to your day.


Add even more of your unique touch by personalising one of our unity candles for your ceremony. With a plethora of styles and colours to choose from, you can find the perfect candle to complete your ceremony - and then give it that something extra with our personalisation option. With the ability to personalise most of our unity candles, you can have fun playing the designer while you make sure your unity candle is one of a kind. With our personalisation option you can choose to adorn your unity candles with your names, the date of your wedding, or even a simple message. With Weddingstar, it is easy to add a personal touch to your ceremony - just browse through our exclusive collection of candles that feature the ability to personalise them.


Weddingstar has a great selection of unique designer candles to complete your unity candle ceremony as well. With a variety of options that have matching accessories, you can bring your theme throughout the rest of your wedding with ease. Suddenly, coordinating your décor becomes a simple task, instead of a gargantuan one. From our exclusive collaboration with Beverly Clark, we offer a wide assortment of candles with any number of gorgeous details. From lace to gems to ribbons, our designer unity candles are the perfect addition to your wedding ceremony. Bring light, sentiment and beauty to your alter. And, because they're Weddingstar, you can be assured that they're made to the highest quality. We believe that every wedding accessory should be made with careful attention to detail and with the utmost of craftsmanship - and our wedding unity candle ceremonies are no different. You can be assured that if you're buying Weddingstar, you're getting a great product. We want to help you find everything you need to plan your dream wedding. From your wedding unity candle ceremony to all of your wedding accessories, plan your special day with ease with us!