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Love Bird Damask Personalised Aisle Runner
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Love Bird Damask Personalized Wedding Aisle Runner
Love Bird Damask Personalized Wedding Aisle Runner
Love Bird Damask Personalized Wedding Aisle Runner
Love Bird Damask Personalized Wedding Aisle Runner
Love Bird Damask Personalized Wedding Aisle Runner
Love Bird Damask Personalized Wedding Aisle Runner

Love Bird Damask Personalised Aisle Runner

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Product #: Size Price
9301-P 1 m (W) x 23 m (L) $179.60 AUD each
9299-P - Plain White
9301-P - White With Hearts
1044-47-c01 - Royal Blue
1044-47-c05 - Pastel Pink
1044-47-c10 - Black
1044-47-c12 - Willow Green
1044-47-c16 - Saffron Yellow
1044-47-c17 - Peacock Green
1044-47-c20 - Oasis Blue
1044-47-c26 - Chocolate Brown
1044-47-c29 - Aqua Blue
1044-47-c31 - Fuchsia
1044-47-c32 - Navy Blue
1044-47-c33 - Sea Blue
1044-47-c34 - Candy Apple Green
1044-47-c35 - Powder Blue
1044-47-c37 - Ruby
1044-47-c45 - Vintage Gold
1044-47-c50 - Plum
1044-47-c95 - Berry
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Love Bird Damask Personalised Wedding Aisle Runner

These Love Bird Damask Personalised Aisle Runners are made of 33 gram non-woven fabric. Each runner includes an attached cord handle and double-sided adhesive tape to secure it in place along the leading edge. Because this fabric is semi-sheer this runner is best suited for use on a solid floor surface. Add instant romance with a sprinkle of rose petals in colours that complement your Day!

What is non-woven fabric?
Non-woven fabric is created using a heat process to entangle fibers. The result is an engineered material that mimics the appearance and texture of sheer woven fabric without being as delicate. Because of this, each aisle runner is resistant to tearing but yet intended for a single use. They are also translucent in nature, letting the natural wood grain of chapel floors and beyond intermingle with your chosen design, adding romance and softness to your wedding aisle.

Print Area
Bottom (design & text) W: 81.3 cm x H: 80 cm
Top (birds only) W: 20.3 cm x H: 15.2 cm
Middle (white space) W: 81.3 cm x H: 121.9 cm
Total (top, bottom, white space) W: 81.3 cm x H: 217.2 cm
1 m (W) x 23 m (L)
Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Choose plain white for a clean sophisticated look.
Choose white with hearts pattern for a subtle textured effect the entire length of the runner.

Ceremony Placement

Aisle runner will begin where the ceremony will take place, and will unroll towards the entrance where it will end.


Detailed Ceremony Installation Instructions

Entrance Placement

Aisle runner will begin at the entrance, and will unroll towards where the ceremony will take place where it will end.


Detailed Entrance Installation Instructions

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"Peter & Rebecca December 14,2013"

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Pros: Fun

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PRODUCT Q&A (3 Q and A's)
Q: Can the aisle runners be used on the carpet in churches and walked on with high heeled shoes?
A: If you are planning to wear high heeled shoes, our aisle runners are best used on a solid surface such as hardwood, cement or compact carpet to avoid punctures. If necessary, a solid surface can be created using sheets of plywood or a similar product. Consider this method if placing an aisle runner over sand, grass, carpet or any other surface that has a lot of flex to it.
Q: Do the back of the aisle runner have a non slip coating? is it safe to be laid down for guest to walk on to take their seats before the ceremony begins, or should it only be laid down just before the bride walks down the isle?
A: They do not have a non slip coating. An isle runner can be rolled out before the bride walks down, or if put down before, guests are seated from the other isles and slide across to the middle so the isle runner does not get dirty or damage before the bride walks down the isle. These work well on most floors, but if you do have a slippery floor use two sided tape in a few area's to hold in place.
Q: Do you have aisle runner holders?
A: No, unfortunately that is not something we carry.

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