Special DIY Stationery Extras

Accessorize Your Stationery
Exciting accessories to add even more glamour and prestige to your beautiful Weddingstar stationery or favours. And brilliant personalisation options for added appeal.

A personalised touch isn't hard to add to your wedding day when you browse our great selection of stationery embellishments. From ribbon to charms and beyond, we have everything you need to create a custom look for your wedding stationery and decor. With our inspirational photography, see all our embellishments in real-life use to get ideas on how you might be able to utilise them in your wedding details. Whether it's making one of a kind invitations, or you want to add some flair to your wedding favours, our stationery embellishments are your one stop for everything to DIY your wedding day style!


When you embellish your wedding stationery, it not only looks great but it adds to the meaning behind it. You can infuse more of yourself into your wedding details when you add that special homemade touch with extra embellishments. Let your guests know how much they mean to you when you take the extra step to personalise their invitation or RSVP. Our range of stationery embellishments are also a fantastic way to give a little hint of what your wedding theme or design might be. A charm or other adornment can be a wonderful way to let guests know what they might have waiting in store for them at your wedding. Add stick on jewels to your invitations to lend sparkle to your invitations and give your guests a sneak peak of the glitzy affair you have planned. Or, perhaps you're planning a theme wedding that will take guests on an adventure all your own. Let your unique design flourish when you add a matching charm or ribbon to convey a little extra something about your big day.


The best thing about our range of stationery embellishments is how easy they are to use. Handmaking anything can be daunting when you haven't done it before. Luckily, we have curated our collection so that each piece is simple to use, yet looks fantastic. Simply peel and stick our stick on jewels for a sparkle that wows. Or get custom ribbon to make a simple bow around your wedding stationery to leave guests with that little touch of handmade charm. You can easily make your invitations, RSVP's or any other stationery items custom with our products and ideas. Browse through for inspiration knowing that when it comes time for you to execute a design or idea, it will be simple but look stunning!