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Sports Wedding Favours

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For those looking to add an athletic element to their big day, consider Weddingstar's selection of sports wedding favours. Whether you're going all out or just looking for a subtle touch, we have what you're looking for. Highlight that competitive part of your personality with the perfect sports themed wedding favours.

If you're looking for a twist on classic favour holders, try our miniature athletic bags. These inspired sports wedding favours can be filled with treats or the memento of your choice, while also spicing up your table settings. Personalise your sports themed wedding favours by adding a custom tag or place card to meet your specific needs. Your guests are sure to notice your creativity when it comes to selecting these sports wedding favours.

Use novelty to make a statement with your sports wedding favours. Our gumball machines shaped as baseballs, basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls, are an easy way to pay homage to your favourite sport. Each of these sports themed wedding favours features authentic Dubble Bubble gum, which is sure to please guests of any age. Getting married around the same time as the Super Bowl, World Cup, or World Series? Use these sports wedding favours to highlight your big day.

For the ideal sports themed wedding favours, use our novelty popcorn cartons to mimic a visit to the concession stand without any of the hassle. These sports wedding favours are fairly flexible, in that you can use them for snacking or decoration, or add a personalised sticker to use the carton as a place marker.

Sports wedding favours don't need to be complicated. Any poker player, or card lover in general, will appreciate the fun in heart shaped playing cards or the practicality of card suit key rings in several variations. Or throw everyone for a loop, quite literally, with a bride and groom Frisbee. These sports themed wedding favours are entertaining options that can highlight any theme without overpowering it. The purpose, after all, is to use your sports wedding favours as a way to entertain.

Use Weddingstar's range of selections for inspiration, entertainment, and design details. From our sports themed wedding favours and beyond, we strive to give couples the original and memorable options they desire. Let our sports wedding favours help you continue your winning streak.