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Wedding Water Bottle Label

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Water bottle labels are a great way to personalise an otherwise generic component of a wedding, especially outdoor events. We offer a wide selection of popular stationary designs for our personalised wedding labels, many of which are available in multiple colour schemes.

Personalised Wedding Water Bottles

If you are having an outdoor ceremony or will be spending any amount of time in the hot sun – you will want to make sure that you are taking care of your guests. Their comfort is one the most important things you should consider – and you can easily take care of them in style by giving them more than just a plain water bottle!

Wedding Label Stickers

Labels can be used for more than just personalising – they can be used as stickers help you complete your wedding theme and create a cohesive look throughout the whole event. Our water bottle labels can also be used as wraps to secure items together. Many of the designs would also be suitable for a variety of other events where you might need personalised water bottle labels.

Precautions With Wedding Water Bottle Labels

Before you purchase any water bottle labels it is very important that you check the dimensions to confirm that they will fully wrap around your bottles of choice. Also, be careful when placing the label on your water bottle, so you place it on straight the first time. Attempting to remove water bottle labels can leave some residue behind and you may not be able to salvage it once it has been removed.

Ideas For Water Bottle Labels

Some of our most popular water bottle labels include the Love Bird Damask, the Cherry Blossom and the Lavish Monogram designs. You can either let your theme or colour scheme guide you or use your personalised wedding labels as a way to branch out and do something different.