Sunglasses for Him

Sunglasses are an outside staple to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, making them a great inexpensive gift idea for the guys in your wedding party. 

At Weddingstar, we’ve got your eyes covered, literally, with cool shades in an array of colors to fit different styles and moods. Because you can never have too many pairs!

A matching sunglasses are the perfect accessory for your groomsmen, especially if the wedding is outdoors. They are practical, protecting the best man and groomsman’s eyes from the sun, and they’re great for photos. You can choose a colour that matches your wedding or select a different frame color for each groomsman, depending on their preferences. With the same frame shape and classic style in different colours you can still create a sense of individuality in the group. The bride and groom can give them as a thank you gift when asking the guys to be in their wedding party and then they have a nice pair of sunglasses they can use throughout the wedding festivities. Like at the bachelor party if it’s a weekend affair, in Vegas or on the golf greens.

We’ve also got personalised bamboo cases to hold the sunglasses. Each set of sunglasses can be paired with a bamboo case that’s custom engraved with the groomsman’s details, like a name, the occasion date, or a set of monogrammed initials. This special touch is easy to transform a simple idea into an awesome, cheap-priced gift. Plus, the guys in your wedding party can use the bamboo sunglasses case for other eyeglasses.

While they’re perfect for a groomsman favor gift, sunglasses make a great gift idea for any occasion. The classic plastic frame shape looks stylish on anyone. Get a set for your boyfriend or husband to celebrate an anniversary or as a birthday gift, throw a pair into the kid’s Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve, or get yourself a nice pair of sunglasses. They're available at an affordable price, so you can get yourself a collection of colours to pair with any outfit or event.



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