Cork & Cap Display Holders

Cork & Cap Display Holders

Instead of simply throwing your bottle caps and wine corks away, you can use one of our custom cork and cap holders and create a unique hanging display decoration. The wooden display holders are made in the shadow box style with a clear window that uniquely shows off the caps and corks collected inside. The individual boxes showcase their own unique wood grain for a natural charm that easily complements other décor elements in your home. Each cap or cork inside can mark a special occasion or fun visit with friends where you enjoyed a good bottle of wine, champagne, or beer. Bonus, because a bottle opener is attached directly to the cap display frame, stray bottle caps won't litter the house or your guy's man cave.

A fun extra like the cap and cork displays can add a personalized touch that helps make a new house a home. They are a useful container for miscellaneous caps and corks but are also a great decorative piece for the wall in your home. As a functional décor element, each cap and cork saver can be made especially unique by adding an engraved name, date, or other brief custom text to accompany each custom design. Personalized in this way, they can be a cute wedding gift idea for newlyweds. With the bride and groom's names directly on them and the date of the big day, it can be a cool keepsake to remind them of such a significant occasion. Due to their cheap price, the cap and cork savers can even be a cute housewarming gift.

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