Keepsakes for Kids & Babies - Birthday, Holidays & More

A keepsake gift for a child is a gift that goes beyond the ordinary — it stands out due to its uniqueness and connection to a special occasion in the child’s life.

At Weddingstar, you can shop for a range of keepsake gifts for babies, infants and kids that they can treasure forever. With the addition of personalisation, kids can enjoy knowing your gift is just for them. As they grow, they can look at your gift with fond memories. If you’re not sure what to choose, browse the entire collection for inspiration. Our selection is varied to include items that appeal to a wide range of children of various ages.
One popular gift idea for babies is the bodysuit. We offer many styles of baby bodysuits that can be worn by girls and boys. A personalised piggy bank can be a fun way for kids to keep track of the coins they collect while learning how to count. Older children may appreciate a jewellery box or keepsake tray. There are more good ideas in this collection, and soon you’ll find the right gift for that special young person.


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