Blankets & Nap Mats

Blankets & Nap Mats for Babies & Kids

Many kids love to take a special blanket with them to bed at night or sleep on a soft mat placed on the floor.

You can make their sleep time more appealing when you choose any of our blankets and nap mats for kids. These are gift ideas that parents love too because of the quality of craftsmanship and convenience. If you’re looking for a baby blanket, we offer traditional style baby blankets in soft blue and pink hues. These blankets can be personalised with the baby’s name, and some styles allow you to add more text, such as the date of birth.

For older kids, you can find novelty blankets that resemble animals, which may spark a fantasy tale or two as they drift off to sleep. Our nap mats are colourful and portable, and they can be unfurled indoors and outdoors. Personalise your selections with the child’s initials or first name.


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