Flower Girl Baskets

Classic and Unique Flower Girl Baskets for Weddings

Watching a flower girl sprinkle her flower petals down the aisle before the bride’s appearance is one of the most time-honoured wedding traditions. Because of this, you'll want to make sure that the flower girl basket is as beautiful as can be. The baskets come in styles that perfectly coordinate with different wedding themes and motifs, whether it's a rustic affair or something romantic and vintage-inspired. Opt for a classic woven flower basket inspired by classic picnic baskets for a traditional wedding, or choose a chic metal basket suited to a more non-traditional style. However, the baskets can be used as a venue decoration too. They make a beautiful, unique base to hold centerpiece arrangements or other greenery on your wedding tables.

Weddingstar carries a selection of baskets to make the flower girl’s job easy and help her look especially cute as she carries the petals down the aisle. Each basket style is chosen with the little flower girl in mind to help her complete her petal sprinkling job smoothly and look great in the wedding day photos. With the different colour and style options, you'll be sure to find the petal holder that perfectly matches your dream wedding.