Guest Book Alternatives

Guest Book Alternatives

The concept of a wedding guest book has evolved and changed a lot, and we’ve worked hard to make sure our guest book alternative collections have evolved and grown alongside it. 

No one’s wedding is the same, so why should the guest book be the same?
While a traditional guest book register is a nice keepsake for the bride and groom, it’s often something that gets put in the cupboard or on a bookshelf out of sight. With one of our unique guest book options, like a wooden guest book jigsaw puzzle or drop box, the bride and groom get a record of their wedding guests that they can display in their home. Not only is it a special reminder of their wedding day, but it doubles as a meaningful living room decoration. Not to mention a charming way for the newlyweds to put their personal stamp on their space. Many of our modern, non-traditional guest book options can be personalised with an engraved or printed name, occasion date, set of monogram initials, or other brief custom text that fits within the personalisation parameters of the product and design. Each design and personalisation style has been carefully chosen because it is best suited for the materials and shape of the product.
Explore our selection of beautiful, inexpensive guest book alternatives to find the one best suited to the bride and groom’s style, and the wedding décor. It’s an easy, cute way to show off their creative side. Maybe they already have a specific piece of wall space or spot on the shelf for a unique guest book. With a guest book puzzle or drop box, the wedding guests have their signatures laid out side by side so you can see all the different names at once. On the other hand, with a wedding wish jar, guests can write more than just a name. They have space to write messages, well-wishes, advice, and more. Cheap in price, the bride and groom can even choose two different styles of personlised guest books to present to their guests at the reception entrance. Collect signatures on blank puzzle pieces, tower blocks, and hearts while having a nice notebook laid out for personal messages. That way, they have a register of the names to display and meaningful words from their guests to look back on fondly at a later date, like an anniversary.


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